Michael(a) Daoud unterrichten für PRO – STAGE Berlin Heels Dance.

MichaelA Daoud is an Egyptian-Syrian Dancer, Choreographer, Catwalk/Runway Trainer and Drag Performer based in Berlin since 2015 where they study Dance and Choreography at Berlin University of the Arts

They have been trained in classical dance, contemporary, modern, commercial, high heels, Voguing and specialised in the category Runway. This versatility of styles gives MichaelA the tools to compose a unique set of fluid movement and high heels exercises across the floor to build muscular strength, musicality and self confidant to unleash the femme fatale we all have.

MichaelA has been performed in varies stage and festivals like Maxim Gorki theatre, Ballhous Naunynstr, Uferstudios, Villa Neukölln , Theater im Delphi, Studio29 Berlin, Oyoun and 

PAF – Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018-2021-2022, STAMP street art festival 2021-2022/ Hamburg, Oslo World Festival 2020/Norway, OpenOut festival 2022/ Norway, SIFA – Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022 amongst others.

You can train in normal training clothes. The high heels are indispensable. In order not to injure yourself, the heels should fit snugly on the foot and enclose it with at least one strap so that the shoe does not slip off the foot when dancing. The heel height should be 7-10 cm. In addition, they shouldn’t have been worn on the street yet and should have heels that won’t ruin our dance floor.