Naomi Mark



Naomi Mark unterrichtet für Pro-Stage Berlin Yoga. Ihr Unterricht findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Naomi Mark teaches Yoga for Pro-Stage Berlin. Her class is given in english.

Naomi started practicing yoga about 10 years ago. As she comes from the world of dance and movement, the physical aspect of the practice was familiar and firm and her real discovery was the practice of the self and the practice of creating spaces in which the body and mind can grow. This is a practice that can start in any stage and for every person and has little to do with how flexible or coordinated one believe he or she is.

We tend to think of our mind and our body as separate. Of our mind as holding on to our thoughts and intellect and of our body as the physical vessel in which we move in.

In the practice of yoga we train to blend those separations. Observing the movement of our mind and shifting the intellect into our body, learning from the body and the knowledge it already carries.

In the Yin Yoga practice we work slower and deeper in the poses (Asanas), allowing spaces in our bodies to expand and to open. Developing curiosity towards our breath and the effects of our breath to our body and to our mind.

The class is designed for people of different levels of experience, allowing each and every one to work according to hers and his capacity and to expand it.